Dreaming Moss

We love this clutch bag made my Dreaming Moss, we hope to see more made with our fabrics soon! Here is a little introduction from Dreaming Moss themselves…

‘Dreaming moss’ is a lifestyle brand based in balmy Busan city, S.Korea.
We focus making bag and pouch for now and like to use colorful fabrics, whimsical prints, and innovative materials.
Our products are all handmade, and we make good-quality merchandise in small quantities.

Snowflake tweed clutch
As our new 17 F/W project, we wanted to make a modern design clutch with elegant fabric material.
Snowflake tweed clutch is completed in several trial-and-error process to match fine Linton tweed fabrics and our own design style.
We launched it on 11/24 and customers’ response to it has been overwhelmingly positive.
We will launch other color tweed clutch bags soon.