Linton Tweeds for more than 100 years have been producing fabrics of the highest quality for fashion houses around the world. All of these fabrics are still designed and woven on site at our mill on Shaddongate, Carlisle – just as when we were first founded by William Linton in 1912. Our Linton Tweeds brand works with fashion houses in London, Milan and New York, in markets across Europe, North America and Asia, and with luxury brands such as Burberry and Chanel – who we’ve worked alongside ever since William Linton was introduced to Coco Chanel way back in 1924.

Running 16 hours a day, our 14 looms create elaborate, beautiful tweed using a variety of techniques and yarns. A third of each cloth produced at the mill is made from the 100% wool yarn twisted on site, but the other two thirds can be made up of any yarn of our and our partners’ choosing, meaning we can create highly unique, highly complex fabrics and patterns. A standard Linton tweed might comprise eight different types of yarn – whether that’s wool, silk, velvet ribbon, eyelash, lurex or anything else. We like to push the limits of what a tweed can be, and this is part of the reason that designer brands like to work with us.

Since 2010, we’ve been selling our high-quality fabrics and yarns directly to the public as part of our Linton Direct range. While these aren’t the made-to-measure bespoke designs that we provide to our partners in the fashion industry, the fabrics are the same high-quality Linton Tweeds that would be used by designer brands in their collections. Our Linton Direct fabrics are stocked and ready to be cut to size for your order – they come directly from our factory, and delivered directly to your door. This allows us to be flexible in the orders we take: we can provide for smaller orders, as well as selling wholesale at discounted rates for bigger orders.

As well as taking online orders from our website, we also sell our Linton Direct range in store at our Retail Centre, built right beside our mill. Here you’ll find a wide selection of our fabric stock, piles of beautiful intricate tweeds in hundreds of colours, alongside yarns, gifts and our Accessories range – a luxury selection of woven accessories including scarves, purses, cushions and throws made from our stunning range of fabrics.

The Retail Centre is also home to the Bobbin Tea Room and Cafe, serving delicious home cooked food prepared on site. Give us a visit, pick up a beautiful tweed to turn into your own couture clothing, then relax with a pot of tea and a bite to eat. You can find our menu here.